What is Digital Marketing? This is one of the latest doubt among entrepreneurs. Digital Marketing is the process of Creating and maintaining constant customer relationships through online channels. This helps to exchange ideas, products or services that satisfy the target of both parties. As per today’s scenario, it is better to invest in digital marketing than traditional. Also, it is important to make an effective digital strategy and stick to it till achieving the goals. Efficient Digital Marketing plans for branding involves all aspects of Creating and maintaining constant customer relationships Via online channels.

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Why Digital Marketing?

  • Cost Effective
  • Measurable
  • Builds your Brand
  • Reduces cost of sales
  • Drives Brand Loyalty
  • Puts consumers in control
  • Stimulate sales
  • Audience Segmentation


  • Reaching the right audience
  • To engage with your audience
  • To motivate your audience to take action
  • Efficient spending on your campaign
  • Return on Investment (ROI)


The result of digital marketing lies in various factors. Not just one channel can bring the desired results. The online marketing process involves these channels and sees the importance of each :

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Today more people use mobile phones than desktops to browse websites. We need to pinpoint our audience to avoid spending on the wrong people. Hence the digital campaigns have to be customized for all sorts of devices and demography. We must be prepared to tackle inbound traffic also along with reaching out through social media. All of these start with having a proper digital marketing plan and content strategy plan. Take a look into DevaGyan Digital Marketing Plans

We Can Divide Digital Marketing plans Into Three Segments:

  • Research Phase – The most important phase as the data collected in this period is going to decide how we are going ahead. This must start from early stages, from the planning stage of a platform.
  • Preparation Phase – The first impression matters. Unless we do all the homework, we shall not take the brand in front of the public.
  • MarketingPhase – This is an ongoing process in which we prepare to convert inbound traffics and we go out to reach more customers. All these efforts need to be analyzed monitoring the metrics simultaneously to measure the efficiency.

These are the activities recommended during the development of Digital Marketing Plan:

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1. Research Phase (Get things planned well)  
a. Find Target Audience
b. Find Channels and platforms they are engaged more.
c. Join the groups and communities
d. Find keywords for SEO and articles to be prepared
e. Find influencers and blogs which target this audience
f. Find possible revenue models
2. Preparation Phase (Being prepared is the foundation)
a. Logo and theme
b. Blog Articles 06-10 nos.
c. Informative Animation Videos with voice over and logo
d. Social Media Pages with reviews, story, attractive cover and profile.
e. Social media posting & content preparation plan
f. Business Listings with reviews, write-ups and images
g. Setting up an analytics account
h. Email & SMS database preparation
i. Backlinks to the articles from various discussion forums
j. Advertisement network setup like Google Ads.
k. Prepare display ads and search engine ads
3. Launching (Hit hard and keep hitting)  
a. Social Media Posts and Brand Awareness campaigns
b. Blog articles with videos
c. SEO
d. Lead Generation
e. Tele-calling and follow-ups
f. Media Coverage
g. Analytics monitoring
h. Re-targeting ads, Search Ads and Display ads in various audience networks
i. Email marketing with blogs, passing relevant information from authorities, offers & tips
j. Get featured in various online and offline media
k. Community building on B2B and B2C models
l. Customer support via chat, comments etc


Once the above-mentioned points are scrutinized, it is recommended to prepare an Effective Digital Marketing plan based on calendar and scheduled activities for a period of six months. Customer support, Analytics monitoring, campaign improvisations, and efficiency enhancement are the processes which have to be carried out on daily basis. Hence to foresee the expenditure going to be incurred needs a calendar based crystal clear plan.

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