Why digital marketing is important for your business?

A business venture climbs its success only if its product were purchased regularly by customers, but it is not easy to catch the attention of the people towards your business, you have to constantly interact and engage with them. You have to be more active in the marketing side of your product. The process of promoting and selling product or service through advertisement, promotion is said to be marketing.

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In the modern era, the term marketing changed into new dimensions. Today marketing seems to be more eventful than ever before. The technology seems to take control over marketing like any other side of modern life. The emergence of various technologies like the latest smartphones, smart TV’S, electronic billboards and internet, marketing tempts to move towards digital marketing. The promotion of a product, service or a brand on electronic devices is said to be digital marketing. Latest Studies shows that traditional way of marketing such as advertising through Radio, television, newspaper creates a limited impact on customers than modern digital marketing techniques.

Studies show that 48.9 % world population access internet on 2018; this is an important point to consider in digital marketing, if this trend continues digital marketing is going to be an essential part of business and marketing. Digital marketing focuses more on online platforms like search engines, Websites, blogs, e-mails, social media platforms etc. If you have already got into any part of this online platform, you already reached some of your online customers.

Why digital marketing is said to be more efficient than traditional marketing:

• Cost-effective
• Easley Measurable
• Build your brand
• Cut down the cost of sale
• Build brand loyalty
• Control over customers
• Targeting

All these factors give extra benefits to modern digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing allows marketers to see accurate results in real time. Digital marketing also help the entrepreneurs in the following ways
• Reaching the right people
• Helps to engage with customers
• To motivate your audience to take action
• Efficient spending on your campaign
• Return on investment [ROI]

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital marketing has numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with customers, where they spend most of their time in online. This platforms can use to promote your product or service, Let’s go through some of the major digital marketing platforms.
• Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
• Content Marketing
• Social media marketing [SMM]
• E-mail marketing
• Pay per click [PPC]

Search engine optimization

The process of optimizing your websites to achieve higher rank in search engine result page is called as SEO. Effective SEO will help your website, blogs to get much more traffic through organic traffic. A constant work has to be done on your website to earn a better ranking in search engines

Content marketing

Construct and promote different types of content to develop brand awareness, to improve traffic, better lead generation.. etc. Different forms of multi-medias can used for content marketing like Posters, Videos, Animation movies .. etc . this contents will help you to attract more customers.

Social media marketing

One of the best tools in digital marketing is social media marketing [ SSM ], Advertisements through social media platforms helps your brand to create efficient social attention. Social media platform are vast, which includes
• Facebook.
• Twitter.
• LinkedIn.
• Instagram.
• Snapchat.
• Pinterest.
• Google+
These platforms can use effectively to create brand awareness, traffic, and leads.

E-mail marketing

You can use e-mails to communicate effectively with your audience, E-mails can be used to promote contents, to give information’s about offers and new events.e-mails are effective in both b2b and b2c communication. This is one of the cheapest Digital media tools.

Pay per click

Pay per click [PPC] referred as the method of driving customers to your website, by paying to the search engine once your ads got a click. Google Adwords is one of the best tool in this segment. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin…etc also provides PPC

As the whole world moves into online digital platforms, don’t get delayed to shift your gear into digital marketing. If you are looking for the best Digital Marketing Agency for best online marketing Strategies Deva Gyan Business Studio is here in Kochi to help you. Contact us here : http://bit.ly/2Rtp8C2


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