Achieve 100x faster with To Do List

When the target is 100th step, it is impossible to skip any step till you reach out there. Always it is better to assume that you are in the right track and concentrate on the each next step. The advantage is that you can take every step more precise and strong. Let’s see how to Do List can help you achieve this.

In a structured thinking process, first step is to define the vision. Once the vision is clear, set milestones with timeline. Putting down long term goals and short term goals are mandatory in any success journey. This process uses the upper part of your brain from which you visualize the things in a bird eye view. To Do List works in other side of the scenario.

Once the target is set and the activities to be carried out is listed, the time comes for execution. In the execution part an Entrepreneur (or anyone) will be carrying out activities in various domains i.e. accounts, marketing, development, designing etc. Every domain requires your utmost dedication and concentration. Sometimes you tend to forget about other things while working on something or some important and interesting point may light up about another domain. Such points will have to be noted down. Use To Do List. The works pertaining to each domain, if noted down, will be easier to follow and execute and you can free your brain from other activities.

‘I am the boss’, means you should have your own To Do List. And it’s that simple. Every night you must prepare a list of things to do in coming day, with prioritizing, so to make it a perfect day. Sleep with a free mind and wake up to execute the things you listed. At the end of the day you’ll observe you are close to accomplish all in your To Do List or may be fully accomplished. When you don’t do this, certainly you may miss a day or you may fall into some other’s To-Do List, where you may end up working for him only.