About us

Founded in 2018, Deva Gyan was the brainchild of ex-navy officer Subi Lal who retired from the Indian Navy’s ocean of opportunities to seek new opportunities in entrepreneurship. His passion for technology and desire to make good use of the expertise he acquired from the Navy led him to venture into business branding and digital marketing. And that was the beginning of Deva Gyan.


We endeavor to be a part of 1000 business-success stories by 2025 with unique envisioning and cutting-edge technology and technical support.


Technology is always changing. It’s constantly changing and evolving with time, but unfortunately, businesses are not. We aspire to help businesses to face the technological advancements and own it. Exposing them to the endless possibilities of technology and helping them adapt to technology changes at reasonable prices.

The Typical Process of Going Online

Small business owners generally love the word “growth” since when used in relation to a business, it usually means success. A growing business is a thriving business, or so most people believe. Unfortunately, many small business owners discover the hard way that business growth may result in problems if your business isn’t equipped to handle that growth – and can even kill your business all together!

Digital Marketing 95%
Branding 80%
Web Development 85%
Digital Marketing Training 80%
Graphic Designer 85%
2D Animation 75%
Encourage New Ventures

Our Process

In a world gone full digital, there is no point in sticking to the traditional ways of marketing. That’s just bad for business. We believe that going full digital can open up new avenues for businesses to explore, grow and flourish. The future belongs to those who seize every opportunity the world has to offer and put it to their advantage. What we are offering businesses is full access to the unlimited potential of the internet to thrive and rise above all limits. And how we do it by a set of processes.


The first and foremost thing we do before venturing into a project is to do our research. To study the brand inside-out. See what no one is seeing. Nothing can be achieved without understanding the brand and its vision, mission, etc. We make sure to analyze and learn about our client’s product a little more than them.


Planning is a management process concerned with defining goals for a company’s future direction and determining the resources required to achieve those goals. To determine the direction of the organization, it is necessary to understand its current position and the possible avenues through which it can pursue a particular course of action.


After settling on the idea, comes the real fun part, designing, and development. Here the idea starts to take form into something the customers can experience. This part is all about creativity, coming up with something that is part visionary and part problem-solving. We are not in this alone we are keen on taking the client with us through this journey of creation.


We take pride in delivering only the best solution. We make no compromise in that. It’s one of the core values that this company is built on. We have taken it upon ourselves to do our best to promote our client’s products or services.


We believe that our work is not finished after the delivery of the product. Making sure to follow up on the finished output, to confirm that it has served its purpose takes top priority. We take time to see how well it works in the real world and study its progress to make changes if needed.