What is Software Re-seller Programme ?

In a couple of years, almost 90% of the human being will connect to internet. The information technology is growing far ahead than the major crowd can’t even think. Hence it is easy to predict that the Software industry will keep growing, though technologies may change. Looking into that, we have introduced the Software Programme to help those are disconnected

Most of the people who are connected to the internet are aware of many things, or at-least the Software companies are trying to reach and educate them through advertisements. Different kinds of marketing strategies are implemented for it. This Re-seller Programme might look alike, but it differs in the purpose.

We don’t encourage marketing, though Re-seller Programme helps anyone to get additional income. So those who are in need of money can do it to any extend. We encourage people to meet and educate them who are illiterate about the advantages of bringing their businesses online, or implementing software to perform recurring tasks such as HRM, Pay Roll, Billing etc. Such applications will enable the business owners to study their business statistics, customer behavior, bifurcated reports on source of income and expenses, thus necessary changes can be imparted to make business more profitable.

In Re-seller Programme , we expect the re-sellers to find such people and help them to evolve. For that, what we offer is a straight cut of 7-10% of the billed amount as a reward for educating them. In case of subscribed models, with every month subscription in the first year, we can give the reward percentage to the re-seller. In case of training requirement, we will have online sessions. This can be done on part-time basis or full-time basis. Infact, anytime basis is what we recommend.